Hard ten days tell you the sex position master of Woman Astride

At its best sex is a new adventure... every time,thrilling, sweaty, scintillating—even if you've been together for years. But every couple—whether you just got together or have been married for years—needs something new to light the spark. The 2 day diet shopper Health Sex Position Master is a great way to shake up your sex life. Try any or all 26 sex positions, find out which ones will make her crazy, which turn you on, and the perfect position for each sexy moment. Wanna get lucky?why hard ten days? Take a chance with our roulette wheel and let it decide which sex position you two should try!
sexy position of Woman Astride

the sex position master: Woman Astride

How to:

Enter this position by getting into the woman-on-top missionary first. Then have her draw her knees up until she's in a kneeling position, straddling your hips and sitting atop your pelvis. You get deeper penetration, a full view of the action, and can touch her clitoris and play with her breasts

Switch it up:

She can relieve some of her weight from your pelvis by leaning back and supporting herself on your thighs.

Perfect for:

Letting her dominate while maximizing your pleasure

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