satibo help you improve the quality of sex life

Social divorce rate is increasing every year, mainly caused by the combination of factors lead to disharmony of sexual life should be pleasure, women are not usually because of the short man's penis or an erection hard enough.satibo help you improve the quality of sex life

What are the major benefits of using Satibo?

Satibo is a 100% herbal remedy, that stimulates and enhances, sexual and sensual experiences. This ancient Chinese recipe can be used to combat many forms of Sexual Dysfunction. Even if you dont suffer from any sexual problems, you can still take Satibo to experience great sex!

How does Satibo work on the body?

Satibo increases the blood flow to the erectile tissues within the penis, which in turn will increase the penis size, sex drive and 'staying power', while promoting a feeling of hightened sexual arousal.

Are there any side effects of using Satibo?

Some pharmaceutical variants have been known to cause side effects, whereas the natural ingredients in Satibo cause none.

Is Satibo classed as a herbal remedy?

All of the ingredients found in Satibo are 100% herbs, found naturally and extracted from their sources within controlled conditions. There is also a herbal food supplement, contained within the capsules for nutritional value.

Who should use satibo?

Satibo is suitable for anyone, from people who simply wish to enjoy a more satisfying sex life, to those who may suffer from Impotence in some form or another.

satibo Capsule Dosages

Degree Ailment Dosage Effect
Normal Unhappy with sex life, short erection time. 1-2 Capsules Erection duration can be extended by 2 to 4 times, and can lead to a very satisfactory sex life.
Slight Impotence Although erection may be possible, erection power is weak. Possible premature ejaculation. 1-2 Capsules Erection comes quickly, sustain time is increased.
Medium Impotence Erection possible after time, premature ejaculation may occur. 1-2 Capsules Erection of the penis rapidly achieved. Sustain time can be long.
Heavy Impotence The erection of the penis is difficult and sexual function proves difficult. 1-2 Capsules A sexual desire is gradually reinforced, with erection time gradually increasing. Satisfactory sex life is realisable.

Can women take satibo?

Satibo capsules are also suitable for women, to increase sexual desire and also promote feelings of well being.

When should Satibo be taken?

The capsules are rapidly absorbed into the body, due to very finely processed ingredients. We therefore recommended consumption of Satibo, 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

How long will the satibo capsules last?

This mainly depends on the individual, but we have had reports of effects lasting up to 12 hours from consumption.

If you encounter this problem, you can try to use satibo to enhance the quality of your sex life.Satibo is refined from Chinese herbal medicines such as Chinese yam,Matrimony vine,licorice root,semen coicis,gorgon fruit,and lily,which have the function of regulation of humoral immunity,enhancing the physical and improving immunity.

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