How to distinguish authentic stree overlord?

Stree Overlord Pills is also named Street Overlord Pills,chinese name is JIE TOU BA WANG.Stree overlord is a 2012 best-selling male enhancement features pills,works very well,Let female climax after another.At the same time, there are many fake stree overlord sold in the market.As the largest and most professional supplier in China, really would like to share with our customers to How to distinguish authentic stree overlord and fake stree overlord with our customers.

1. Stree overlord(Street overlord) Power

It is very important to tell authentic stree overlord from fake stree overlord by the power.Authentic stree overlord power is white,but fake stree overlord power is a little yellow and dark.

2. Stree overlord(Street overlord) anti fake words on the pills

Authentic stree overlord pills have words “TIANBAO” English and Chinese for anti-fake,fake stree overlord pills don’t have this words or not clear.Authentic stree overlord pills are orange.

3. Stree overlord(Street overlord) Specification

The specification of Stree overlord are white paper with black words,there are have Japanese,Chinese and English instruction on one side,the words are clear.Fake stree overlord sometimes also have this instruction,but it is blurry.

4. Stree overlord(Street overlord) outside package

Authentic stree overlord outside package have “STREE OVERLORD” in Chinese simple,Chinese Complex and English.the words color is red for Chinese simple and white for Chinese Complex and English.Moreover,all the word are centre.

We could tell the difference from authentic stree overlord and fake stree overlord,but the further question is:Where could buy authentic stree overlord,and what’s the price?is there any possible to buy authentic stree overlord cheaper? could answer this questions confidently,as the largest and most professional supplier in China. which including stree overlord,Satibo Capsule,hard ten days,Maxman,germany niubian and so on.

Like most of male enhancement pills that really work,if you want to know more about authentic stree overlord and fake stree overlord,welcome to male enhancement pills.

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