Maxma report shows that around seventy percent men do reproductive health

A few days ago, October 28, Men's Health Day in our survey, nearly 40% of this festival is completely unknown. Women's Day Every year, we had, but very little attention to male festival, Men's Healthmore men should be allowed to know, from a young age to begin to focus on their health, do not wait until the old and sick, repentant.Maxma report shows that around seventy percent men do reproductive health.

Where is the sexual gratification?

How many men Gone? Although this survey is not anonymous, the survey on sexual function, there are still up to 132 disposable A. Answer situation, 23.5 percent of men said to lose interest; 29.5% of men on the sexy things indifferent; 12.75% of the men said no morning erection; 6% of men said that sexual intercourse no longer successful; 2.75% of men said that an erection during sexual intercourse can not be.

Clearly, more and more diseases or invisible pressure is Kuaibu Xiang men came, and kept a serious threat to the physical and mental health of men. Interestingly, most respondents believed that the wife is quite concerned about or particularly concerned about her husband's sexual health, this proportion reached 78%. "Wife of particular concern to her husband's sexual health", 28.75% of men feel very happy, and 10% of men feel bored. Concerned about the wife of her husband's sexual health in general ", 25.5 percent of men said that it does not matter, 13.75% of men some dissatisfaction. Wife of her husband's sexual health and less concerned about 6 percent of men are depressed, 16% of men do not care.

20% of men suffer in silence

The disease had male and timely medical treatment? The analysis report shows that got a male disease, most people will still be timely medical treatment, indicating that public awareness of self-care is still relatively strong. However, 23% of men for various reasons, reluctant to seek medical treatment. The men are afraid or embarrassed to let people know they are suffering from male disease, the survey showed that this ratio is as high as 61.25%. Obviously, for such privacy, most people do not want to let others know. Linked to the front 23% of people had a male disease, do not want to timely medical treatment, these people obviously need to be more actively guide, to enable them to join the ranks of active prevention and treatment.

Analysis report shows that when men suffering from genitourinary diseases, 82.75% of people will immediately go to the formal Hospital, treatment, but there are also men of Jin Yicheng, to face, to some small hospitals or clinics for treatment, another6.25% of the respondents said they would check more information or to inquire about how to treat other patients, and then go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, self healing, as well as 1.25% of people choose to give up, select the "unspeakable, where he.

Promote a correct and healthy lifestyle

At present, the awareness of women's reproductive health checks already firmly established. In comparison, male reproductive health check also the lack of sufficient attention of the public. The survey, 69.75 percent of those surveyed said they did not do the habits of the male reproductive health inspection. This is emphasized in the current health status and quality of life social environment, this lack of should be taken seriously enough.

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